14 July 2020
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Create, Share, Store, Dispose: Think Secure to protect your information.

Over the coming weeks, we will be walking you through each stage of the Information Lifecycle. Stay tuned as we release our 'How To' guides to help you along the way.

Think Secure

Headline Data Breaches, GDPR, Personal Data, Information and Cyber Security are hitting the news on a daily basis. Companies are being named and shamed for the most recent data scandal. It can be  overwhelming, right?  We get it.

At work, confidential material is all around us, in different forms, and on different devices. It takes vast amounts of information to run our business, and personal data is vital at RMG as we strive to deliver a first class service to our large and trusting customer base.

With the new GDPR laws in place, and the reputational impact that a headline breach could have on our brand, it is imperative that we all understand how to protect our information. It’s likely you’re concerned about how to protect your own personal data too, such as credit card details, PIN numbers or passwords.

Our Information Security awareness programme, Think Secure, is here to help.

Now, information exists in many stages; from when it’s created, shared, stored and if no longer needed, destroyed. It’s important that we all take responsibility for protecting it to avoid it falling into the wrong hands (whether accidentally, or maliciously – say, by a hacker).

Over the coming weeks we will be walking you through the four stages of the Information Lifecycle equipping you with the knowledge of what to do and what steps to take to protect your information, as it’s a core part of our roles here at Royal Mail.

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