12 July 2020
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The Rowland Hill Fund

Financial help for Royal Mail people, past and present.
Rowland Hill Fund

The Rowland Hill Fund (RHF) is an independent charity supporting current and former Royal Mail employees. They have a confidential helpline which can be reached on 0345 600 4586.

The RHF helps those dealing with sudden or long-term illness or long-term redundancy, disability, or serious financial problems.

During 2018/19, the Fund provided 431 grants with a total value of £467,894.22

How can the RHF help?

The RHF offers grants when bills become increasingly difficult to meet, because of unforeseen or changed circumstances such as illness. It can help towards rent, mortgage and utility bill arrears, disability aids, home modifications, hospital travelling expenses, funeral expenses, white goods, heating/boiler repairs and much more.

Independence is vital when you are disabled and this comes at a financial cost. The RHF can provide grants towards Electronic Powered Vehicles, specialist equipment, home adaptations and much more. 

To find out if the Fund can help you or someone you know, please call 0345 600 4586

It is not always about money - sometimes just a friendly voice at the end of a phone can help to discuss issues before they become problems. The helpline assists people of all ages, from different backgrounds, in difficult circumstances, and are non-judgemental in their outlook.

The helpline is confidential and completely independent of Royal Mail. Your information will never be shared unless you agree.

How can you help the Rowland Hill Fund?

The RHF is supported by donations and fundraising and you may want to help.

Become a regular contributor or increase your contribution:

• donate online - visit www.charitycheckout.co.uk/207479/Donate

• send a cheque – please make payable to Rowland Hill Fund

• direct from your pay – sign up for payroll giving here

• get involved in fundraising - email rowland.hill.fund@royalmail.com for support and information

Find out more about the Rowland Hill Fund at www.rowlandhillfund.org Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. www.facebook.com/Rowland-Hill-Fund/


Some words from those we have helped:

“Just to say thank you for your generous donation at a time when it was most needed, which makes me feel proud to be a member of this organisation. Forever in your debt.”

“I am writing to say thank you so much for the cheque you sent us. My son was diagnosed with leukaemia and is following a three-year treatment plan. At the moment he is undergoing chemotherapy sessions and this money is a great help towards our hospital travelling expenses. In this difficult time it is wonderful to know what fantastic people are there to help in times of need. Thank you all.”