12 July 2020
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Payroll giving to charities and good causes

Payroll giving is a simple tax effective way to give to causes you care about through your pay.

Guinness World Record

Royal Mail holds the Guinness World Record for the most number of charities supported through payroll giving – over 975 charities.

Payroll donations can be made to any registered charity or good cause.

By donating money through payroll giving your donation will include the tax that would have been deducted from your pay

How does it work?

  • A regular donation is deducted from your gross pay before your tax assessment. If you are paid weekly, you will donate weekly, and if you’re paid monthly, you will donate monthly.
  • This means if you pledge £1 from your pay every week, it will cost you only 80p; or if you pledge £4 from your salary each month, it will cost you only £3.20 (based on those paying 20% tax).
  • Payroll giving is open to any individual paid through PAYE.
  • Donations can be made to any registered charity or good cause.

Royal Mail will match donations made to our Charity Partner, Action for Children.

Royal Mail Group’s payroll giving agency, Charities Trust, charges a nominal 25p per month per donor to cover administration costs, up to a limit of £3 a year in total. 

To sign up today either complete the online application form or complete all the fields on the payroll giving form and send it to: 

Payroll Processing
2nd Floor
Pond Street
S98 6HR