15 July 2020
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Unlocking potential through education

Supporting the literacy of young people in the UK strengthens the long term interests of our business; we are committed to helping young people reach their full potential.
Helen Skelton

Supporting schools

Our regular online magazine, Teacher’s Post, provides our primary communication channel with teachers. Published several times a year, Teacher’s Post provides educational resource packs aligned to the National Curriculum, for all Key Stages. Teacher’s Post encourages students to interact with our educational content directly. Both pupils and their teachers are invited to submit articles, drawings, photographs and ideas.

During 2018–19, Teacher’s Post resources were downloaded 1,570 times, reaching an estimated 78,500 students. Teacher’s Post is available to view online at www.teacherspost.co.uk.  

To receive resources to support school visits please email Barry Wiles at brw@edist.co.uk.

First World War Learning Pack

We have sponsored The Postal Museum and Archive’s First World War learning pack. The pack includes a range of cross-curricular activities, for children aged 7 to 14 years old, which cover a wide range of curriculum subjects. It uses stories, photographs and documents to inspire children to discover and learn about the essential role played by the General Post Office in the First World War, bringing the story of the General Post Office at war to life in the classroom.

The learning pack is available for free, you can download it here.