Why We Joined - NFOP

22nd July 2013

The National Federation of Occupational Pensions (NFOP) talk about why they joined Keep Me Posted.

The National Federation of Occupational Pensions (NFOP) represents nearly 80,000 pensioners across the UK.  From those recently retired to centenarians, members encompass those who are silver surfers to those who are vehemently opposed to computers. Even those who are internet aware are often reluctant to access or provide personal data online. 

Regrettably, there are stories of carers and even family members breaching the trust placed in them and defrauding elderly relatives.  A move to impose online usage increases the reliance on others to access personal data and therefore increases the risk of further abuse.

Knowing how strongly our members feel about being forced to change, NFOP immediately supported the Keep Me Posted campaign to ensure that they retain the right to receive paper documents, no one should to be penalised for doing so and all must have the right to choose to opt into any electronic communications.