Not quite the Six Nations…

16th January 2014

I don’t know if you had anyone over for the festive period? I worked out I cooked 75 breakfasts for my visitors over a couple of weeks. That’s a lot of bacon and eggs. So it was a nice change to be back in London to catch up with the Keep Me Posted team for the first time this year, so we can set out our plans for 2014.

We’re still finalising our plans (though we will be working towards getting companies themselves to take our pledge, as I mentioned last week) but I know that I’m looking to revisit the devolved nations, and hoping to catch up with some of the people I just didn’t have time to see when I was there before Christmas. So many people are keen to hear about the campaign that it’s a squash to fit them all in!

From my first trip, we had an excellent response politically, and signed up several groups as supporters. In fact our latest recruits - taking our number of supporting organisations to 40 -are from the nations. Welcome to Age Sector Platform from Northern Ireland and croeso to the Welsh Senate of Older People.

I’m going to kick off in Scotland’s second city Glasgow next month, followed by a trip to Northern Ireland before heading off to Wales. If I played rugby I could call it my Four-Nations tour, as I’m coinciding with that tournament… Wonder if the KMP team will give me a trophy?

Judith Donovan