Not at all grim up North....

26th September 2014

It’s the party conference season, and that means speeches, more speeches and then a few more…

I’ve been in Manchester this week, where the Labour Party was gathering. I didn’t sit in the conference hall, but have been attending the fringe events where you can come across all kinds of interesting people debating things as diverse as a manifesto for music, tackling tax avoidance, the future of the NHS and backstreet dog breeding.

And there was plenty for Keep Me Posted to get its teeth into, such as a discussion about whether consumer protection is a luxury in the age of austerity, and another on getting a fair deal for consumers. I’d like to thank all those who heard our message and responded so warmly to it.

I’ve come away with so many new leads which I’ll be following up in the next few weeks. I don’t know if there was something in the air, whether it was the whiff of the Lancashire cheese or the award winning pork pie that was proudly presented by local producers, but even some organisations that have been fairly cool to our aims before now were receptive. I’m hoping that’s because one year on from our launch, we’ve had so much media and political interest, that they realise we’re a campaign worth talking to.

I’m delighted that there seems so much goodwill towards the campaign, even from those service providers who I cornered on their respective stands. Let’s hope we can see words translated into action. I’m in Birmingham to collar some Conservatives this weekend – I’m hoping the Midland welcome for the campaign will be just as warm.

Judith Donovan