My commitment to the campaign

8th July 2013

I have made my name as a businesswoman and so I understand the need for companies to innovate and find new ways to engage their customers. Every decision or change you make should reflect the priorities of the people with whom you do business. It is foolish to make assumptions on their behalf or even worse, tell them what they need. 

The impact of the internet on our everyday lives has led to a breadth of opportunity and convenience for many people. Big business’ readiness to adopt this technology is to a certain extent admirable; it shows a willingness to embrace new and interesting ideas. However, statistics indicate that many consumers want choice. Not all consumers are currently ready or willing to communicate with companies solely through digital means. 

In my daily life, I do lots of public and charitable work which brings me into contact with people who have concerns about the move to paperless bills and statements but even more concerns about their right to choice being removed. There is no doubt that many businesses, in their drive for greater efficiency and cost savings, have forgotten to take their customers with them on that journey. As an individual this makes me worry for the welfare of those that may be disadvantaged. As a business owner the lack of consultation concerns me. 

It is this belief that has led me to commit myself to the Keep Me Posted campaign. We have a difficult job ahead of us but our demands are simple and to my mind, perfectly reasonable. All we are asking for is that major companies give consumers back the choice which, as customers, is rightfully theirs anyway.

Judith Donovan CBE, Chair, of the Keep Me Posted campaign