Keeping You Posted - Whatever The Weather

13th February 2014
Picture of gloomy view
Picture of gloomy view

I don’t think I chose the best week to be off to different parts of the UK talking to people about the campaign with the current bad weather. But I managed to arrive in – and leave – Scotland on time, where I met with the Federation of Small Businesses  and the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability. I also had a great chat with Allan Russell from Insight Radio. It’s a radio station specifically for blind and partially-sighted people  which is run by one of our supporters the RNIB. You can hear my contribution on Monday, Feb 17 after 4pm (you can listen online on their website, on Freeesat 777, Sky 0188 or on 101FM if you’re in Glasgow!).

But after a series of meetings in Belfast on Tuesday – thanks to Advice NI, FSB NI, Dominic Bradley MLA, Consumer Council NI and the Utility Regulator NI for some very positive discussions – it all went a bit sour. Snow, wind, and torrential rain meant delayed travel and home in Yorkshire was beginning to look a long way off. And now I’m organising my diary with one eye on the weather – I’m meant to be in Oxford on Friday, but whether the flooding in the Thames Valley will play a part, I’m not sure yet. But that’s only a meeting – my heart goes out to all those who have had to be evacuated or are camping upstairs in their homes due to the flooding. I can’t begin to think what that’s like.

Hope the weather doesn’t delay the delivery of our first ever newsletter which is at the printer’s right now. You’ll be able to download it from the website soon, but right now you can see a snippet of Terry, our designer, working on it: I do hope you like it – and if you’ve not signed up to the campaign already, fill in the form on this website and we’ll pop a copy in the post. Let us know what you think – and don’t forget to fill in the postcard so we can put added pressure on to those who can make the changes we’re asking for.

One person who has taken this to heart is Conservative MEP Giles Chichester, who has given us his support in an open letter to the Plymouth Herald. Don’t forget you can do the same – there’s a template letter to editors on the website.

Judith Donovan