Do berries and bushy tails mean turning up the heat?

13th December 2013

Are you one of those people who look at the number of berries on the holly to predict if we’ll have a cold winter? Or have you noticed squirrels have bushier tails and trees produce more pine cones, all of which are said to herald a harsh snap? No? Me neither.My Yorkshire tradition is just to close the curtains and pour a drink…

This year the Met Office has predicted a colder than average December, although they have been known to be wrong before.

But, there’s one thing we really shouldn’t be predicting when it comes to winter – and that’s how much it’s going to cost to heat our homes.

Research commissioned by Keep Me Posted shows that many people do not take a proper look at their bills and that a number of us are being overcharged without realising. It also shows that if you receive your bills online, it’s more likely you won’t spot errors. People who receive paper bills via the post are more likely to pick up mistakes, with 41% (two out of five) saying they have spotted something amiss on their energy bills compared to29% of those who check online.

Paper bills and statements also appear to encourage consumers to take action, with a massive 82% of those who receive their bill by post checking them immediately on arrival, compared to just 72% of those who receive their bills online.

And if you’re turning up the heating as the temperatures plummet (if you’re one of the lucky ones who can afford to), to avoid paying more than you need to make sure you are tracking what you’re using by checking the figures on your bills, however you receive them.

Judith Donovan

Picture: © Nathan John