Brits are in desperate need of paper bills according to consumer advocacy group Keep Me Posted

1st March 2018


The average Brit receives 33,800 mobile phone messages and alerts a year. This is a 427% increase over the last decade.


The research, commissioned by Virgin Mobile, has found that Brits now spend an average of 22 days a year checking their inboxes - an average of 26 minutes a day.


In light of this research and growing consumer difficulty when managing finances, the Keep Me Posted campaign believes that consumers are struggling to find those important financial needles in their electronic haystacks. The campaign argues that paper bills are the solution.


Consumers agree with the campaign’s research - 41%, of those surveyed by the Insight Exchange, worry they may miss a payment without a reminded through the post.


Judith Donovan CBE and Chair of the Keep Me Posted campaign said:


“It is no wonder that we are struggling to keep on top of our affairs. As we embrace technological change, we should remember that for important communications, such as credit card and energy bills, paper makes a considerable difference. Our research, undertaken by London Economics, found that consumers effectively manage their financial affairs when they receive a paper bill. That is before we even consider those digitally excluded and without access to the internet; roughly one in ten UK adults – according to the ONS, a number made up mainly of those considered vulnerable.”


90 million transactional relationships between consumers and their service providers such as banks and energy companies are now protected by the campaign’s efforts.