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Our spokespeople are available for comment and we can also provide case studies from members of the public who have been affected by businesses and other service providers not giving them a clear choice over how they receive their bills and statements. 

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2nd Feb 2015
Read a full copy of our research about managing money online below
2nd Feb 2015
A major new behavioural study published today has revealed that people are able to manage and improve  their finances better when they receive bank statements through the post rather than online. The study by London Economics for the Keep Me Posted campaign, which is thought to be the biggest study of its kind, looked at the effectiveness of paper versus online statements. It found that: * People were twice as likely to correctly identify how much money was in their account if they received the statement by post (82% vs 32% who received statements online) *75% of those who received a paper statement were able to correctly assess the financial health of their account compared to 48% who received an online statement *Those who received paper statements were also better able to spot ways in which to improve their finances, such as reducing spending (90% compared to 77%). While many respondents said receiving information in an electronic format helped them manage their finances better, the result of the behavioural test found the opposite was true. Read the report's executive summary below or go to for the full press release.
10th Dec 2014
KEEP ME POSTED CAMPAIGN REVEALS CONSUMERS ARE PAYING MORE THAN NECESSARYService providers who charge for a paper bill or statement may be passing on inflated costs to their customers, with as much as a 442% mark up according to findings from a recent investigation undertaken by the Keep Me Posted campaign.Currently, many telecoms and media providers are charging customers who can’t go online or chose to receive their bills on paper up to £1.90 for a monthly statement – with the average cost to customers being £1.67*. Read the full story here:
21st Nov 2014
Yorkshire Water today became the latest organisation to pledge its support to the Keep Me Posted campaign – securing its 4.7 million customers the right to choose how they are communicated with. Read the full story here: