12 July 2020
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Our Environment

Our people are at the forefront of helping to minimise our environmental impact. As well as being good for the planet, being environmentally-savvy helps us make savings.

All of us are responsible for our environment. Our customers also want to deal with sustainable companies.

We became the first delivery company to be awarded triple certification from the Carbon Trust in 2014-15, recognising our efforts to measure, manage and reduce our environmental impact through carbon, water and waste. We renewed our certification in 2018-19. 

Climate and Energy

Our operations emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) through fuel used to transport and deliver our mail, and the energy used to power and heat our buildings. We are focused on minimising our carbon footprint by reducing our use of gas, electricity and diesel fuel.

During the year, we replaced 43 boilers with modern and energy-efficient condensing boilers. We also continued our UK-wide programme to install energy-efficient LED lighting at our sites. This year we purchased a further 90 fully-electric vehicles for our fleet. 53% of our fleet now has telemetry. In 2018-19, this helped to save approximately 380,000 litres of diesel, equating to more than 990 tonnes of CO2.

In 2018-19, our total UK carbon footprint decreased by 1% compared to the previous year.


Our approach to waste management follows the waste hierarchy to avoid landfill: reduce, re-use, recycle, and recover. During 2018-19, we diverted 99% of our waste from landfill. As well as being good for the environment, it helps us make savings. 

In January 2019 we launched a waste reduction campaign with our frontline colleagues. This focussed on driving behaviour change and encouraging employees to consider the full waste hierarchy before purchasing and disposing of items.


As well as being a precious natural resource, reducing our water consumption is also a cost-saving opportunity. We have now included water saving technologies in our refurbishment standards and are exploring reductions in our water use in washrooms and catering facilities, and our use of water for washing vehicles and cleaning and maintaining buildings. During 2018-19, we missed our target of reducing water consumption by 4%, by increasing our consumption by 15%, this increase was due to construction activities at a large site as well as improved data processes across the business.

Customer incentive

We work with more than 1.3 million business customers and around 4,000 suppliers across the UK. This extends our environmental impact beyond our own operations. So we support our customers to be sustainable, too.

Our Sustainable Advertising Mail product offers customers a discount for using paper from sustainable sources, making envelopes from recyclable materials and ensuring mail items are correctly addressed so they do not go to waste.