14 July 2020
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Our charity partner

After receiving almost 36,000 of your votes in 2017, Action for Children is our current charity partner.
Our charity partner


Action for Children received the most votes in the 2017 Employee Survey and are our current charity partner. The partnership covers a number of key pillars: mental health training, awareness-raising, communications, pro-bono support, work placements and fundraising.

Action for Children are experts in supporting teenagers who are suffering from mental health problems, or who are at serious risk of developing them. The charity has supported young people for 150 years, by providing counselling, therapy and mentoring, amongst other services.

Our partnership enables Action for Children to deliver a nationwide, preventive, mental health programme for young people in schools for the first time. Our aim is to raise £2 million for Action for Children over the course of our partnership - £1 million from colleagues and £1 million in matched giving from Royal Mail. With our funds, the charity can employ specialist youth workers to deliver face-to-face support sessions for 8,000 young people, to help prevent them from developing mental health problems. 

Find out more about Action for Children here.

As part of our ‘everyone’s a winner’ approach, Mind and Mental Health UK received £50,000 each, to be spent on the propositions we agreed with them.

Our mental health programme

While Action for Children are the main beneficiary of our fundraising programme, we also work with Mind and Mental Health UK, in addition to our other charity partners to deliver a wide-reaching campaign for mental health.

Our mental health campaign has the following key objectives:  

  • Inform and support our colleagues, promoting increased awareness and better mental health
  • Leverage our business and expertise to support our charity partners 
  • Use our nationwide presence and reach to drive awareness and reduce stigma around mental health problems
  • Raise £2 million to enable Action for Children to help young people with mental health conditions
  • Leverage our supply chain to support our charity partners, raise awareness of mental health, and generate additional funds

Click here for more information about each of these objectives.