12 July 2020
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Banking your fundraising money

Find below an easy guide to banking your fundraising and ensuring your funds go straight to supporting your team total.
Red Coin

All funds raised through the Ops Fundraising challenge must be deposited into the dedicated charity partner account, managed for us by Charities Trust. All funds will be tracked carefully to ensure that deposits are recorded against your respective team total. Unique paying-in slips enable you to make a deposit at your nearest Post Office branch and will be available from your Team Lead or can be requested directly from Charities Trust. Please find below some key points of guidance:

Banking cash and cheques

1. Paying-in slips can be requested from your team lead or by contacting Chris Riley at Charities Trust via email chrisr@charitiestrust.org or by phone 0151 284 1221. Please note that you will need a specific paying-in slip to bank your cheques so please make sure you request one. 

Find out more about your team lead here.

2. Bank your fundraising at your nearest Post Office branch using an allocated paying-in slip linked to you team total. Money cannot be deposited in Santander, or any other bank branches. To find you nearest Post Office branch visit the branch finder here

3. To secure Gift Aid you must provide evidence to Charities Trust in the form of complete sponsorship forms and the receipt from funds banked at the Post Office.  Send your evidence to: Chris Riley, Charities Trust, Suite 20-22, Century Building, Tower Street, Liverpool, L3 4BJ

Download a sponsorship form and other resources here.

Online donations

  • To fundraise online, contact your team leader for the team sponsor me page link.
  • To set up your own Sponsor me page and select ‘Royal Mail’ as the organisation you are fundraising on behalf of and ‘Ops Challenge xxx Team’ as the appeal/department.
  • To ensure any sponsor me page that you set up is linked to your team pageplease contact Charities Trust via email chrisr@charitiestrust.org or by phone 0151 284 1221.