12 July 2020
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We are proud to be the UK’s universal service provider. Although letters are in structural decline, they continue to be important to Royal Mail. We delivered around 13 billion in 2018-19.  

As part of our five-year strategy, set out in 2019, we are continuing to focus on:  

  • Proving the value of mail 
  • Using technology to improve efficiency and protect revenue

Promoting the value of mail and incentivising customers

Research shows that letters are a powerful communications tool:  

  • Letters have a 35% better recall rate among consumers compared to social media, or 49% better compared to email.
  • They are also a proven driver of sales for businesses: around one third of addressed advertising mail generates a commercial action.

Our initiatives include enabling media agencies to trade mail in the same way as other media; working with mail supply chain partners to promote the case for mail and offering a portfolio of incentives and offers. 

Providing specific solutions for different customer segments

  • For marketing mail (around one third of addressed mail volumes), we launched a partially addressed product for advertisers, which enables brands to target potential customers without using third party data.
  • A new magazine subscription product for publishers provides them with more notice of any price changes, giving them greater certainty when they set subscription levels for their customers.

Using technology to increase efficiency and protect revenue  

We are continuing to roll out Mailmark. Around 68% of addressed letters now carry a Mailmark barcode, giving customers more visibility of their mail and helping make sure we are paid properly for the services we provide.