Energy complaints "highest ever" - Keep Me Posted comments

With energy regulator Ofgem revealing today that complaints about energy companies had more than tripled in the period January-March, compared to the same quarter last year,  Judith Donovan CBE, Chair of the Keep Me Posted campaign,  comments on Ofgem’s announcement: 

"Today’s announcement that energy complaints trebled in the first quarter of this year, with problems relating to billing the greatest concern to consumers, comes as no surprise,” she said.

 Recent research by Keep me Posted, recently found that

April showers consumers with success - but not in the UK

3rd April 2014

Clocks going forward? It must be ISA time

28th March 2014

Clocks going forward? It must be ISA time

It’s that time of the year again, when the clocks go forward, we’re back in British Summer Time and everyone who has managed to keep some cash aside (not easy in these straitened times) is being bombarded with adverts for ISAs.

Though it’s undoubtedly a good idea to save for a rainy day if you can, ploughing your way through the different rates, the introductory offers, and the confusing terms and conditions makes you sometimes want to stuff your money in a box under the mattress rather than face the prospect of choosing.

What's Spanish for Keep Me Posted?

21st March 2014

World Consumer Rights Day

14th March 2014

More evidence of "online creep"

6th March 2014

More evidence of "online creep"

We received an interesting – and worrying – email this week, asking if the campaign would please expand to include communications from the Government.

Our correspondent had attended a meeting in Hull, where a speaker from the Department for Work and Pensions had been engaged to explain the various benefits available to people with long-term medical conditions. All was going well, until the speaker mentioned, in passing, that the DWP intended to move to online-only application forms for people under 65. 

Postcard from Parliament

28th February 2014

Postcard from Parliament

You may have noticed that there have been lots of powerful women visiting Parliament this week… Angela Merkel made an appearance yesterday, but I beat her to Westminster by a couple of days!

I didn’t get to address the two Houses but I did get to talk to MPs and Lords – though not both together, and not, thankfully, from behind a podium!