Are consumers and hard cash better together?

19th September 2014

Land of the Maple Leaf leads the way on paper

12th September 2014

Land of the Maple Leaf leads the way on paper

Since we started the Keep Me Posted campaign just over a year ago, I’ve been amazed at how many countries across the globe have been having exactly the same kind of arguments as we have about giving the people a choice about paper.

Now a leading Canadian academic has added her weight to the fray, with an interesting article on why we pay for paper bills. This was published just before a meeting of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) held recently to discuss the subject.

Can't budget? Some don't know the meaning of the word...

5th September 2014

Can't budget? Some don't know the meaning of the word...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about financial education being enshrined in the national curriculum helping all those at school today have a better grasp on their finances.

Well according to a new report by the Money Advice Service (MAS), it can’t come a day too soon.  Their report, issued this week, shows a worrying lack of even basic financial understanding, which means people could be getting into all sorts of trouble as they try to manage their money.


  • Almost half of UK mortgage holders (42%) are unaware of their current mortgage rate, according to new research by communications campaigner Keep Me Posted
  • Two thirds of UK mortgage holders (67%) would prefer to be notified of a change to their mortgage rate via a printed letter – rising to three quarters (77%) of older borrowers

Discrimination in the three-dimensional world

22nd August 2014

Discrimination in the three-dimensional world

Given that there are four million households without internet access, almost seven million people who have never used the internet, and another 11 million who don’t have the skills to do basic computer tasks like shop or email online, you’d think the world would be a more sympathetic place.

Last month our survey showed those who are not online spend an average £440 extra on goods and services, when you take into account not being able to browse for the best deals, the cost of travelling to buy things rather than clicking and having them delivered to you, and so on.

Keeping "A level" head about finance

17th August 2014

Keeping "A level" head about finance

It’s that time of year when schools all over erupt with joy, as pupils discover what grades they have received in their A levels. Many will now be thinking about university, while their younger counterparts are biting their nails for another week before the GCSE results arrive.

As someone who hasn’t taken an exam for many years now, I know what a slog all that studying can be, and I offer hearty congratulations to everyone who was worked so hard for their results.

Half those without internet access say they just don't need it

8th August 2014

Will "Mortgage Prisoners" be held hostage?

1st August 2014

Going on holiday? Send someone a postcard

23rd July 2014

Going on holiday? Send someone a postcard

By the time you read this the House of Commons will have gone into recess and the House of Lords will be preparing for its own summer break from next Wednesday. So I thought it was worth taking time to reflect on our successes in Parliament so far.

From a standing start after we launched last July, I’ve travelled across the UK recruiting not just MPs and the Lords and Ladies, but the legislators in the devolved parliaments - MLAs in Northern Ireland, AMs in Wales and MSPs in Scotland.