Paper forms make a return after inconvenience of online only site

20th March 2015

Paper forms make a return after inconvenience of online only site

I was heartened today to learn that farmers were to be allowed to submit their applications to claim their annual subsidies from the EU on a paper form. While there is no victory in discovering that this is because there have been performance problems with the Rural Payments Agency web site, it might make the powers-that-be at last realise that being online is not the only answer.

Paper saved in Budget tax return reform

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement that the annual paper tax return will be phased out, Judith Donovan CBE, Chair of the Keep Me Posted campaign, said:

“The Keep Me Posted campaign welcomes the fact that British tax-payers will still have the option to complete a paper self-assessment return. Many people like the protection offered by paper tax returns, particularly in light of revelations last year that five million British workers may have had their tax bills incorrectly calculated. 

Confidence and control the key to better financial health

16th March 2015


  •  Trust and security are the top concerns that stop people who use the internet from banking online, a major behavioural study* commissioned by the Keep Me Posted campaign has revealed
  • Around two thirds of people (65 per cent) that don’t bank online cite concerns over trust. This was followed by security concerns (64 per cent). Only one per cent said it was because they rarely use the internet

Not Luddites - some people just find the internet isn't for them

6th March 2015

Feeling down on the farm

28th February 2015

Feeling down on the farm

Living in the country, as I do, and being a member of the British Wool Marketing Board, which I am, I sympathise hugely with farmers who it seems are beset on all sides – supermarkets driving down the price of milk mean it costs more to produce than they receive for it, grain prices have been falling; the NFU itself is forecasting that Britain is becoming far less self-sufficient when it comes to food, as global influences dominate.

But the one thing you’d think the farmers would be able to receive is the subsidy to which they are entitled.