Tax Returns Deadline - the KMP view

Judith Donovan CBE, Chair of Keep Me Posted campaign comments on the upcoming deadline for online tax returns: “For many people up and down the country, January is a stressful period as they race to submit their tax returns before the deadline of January 31st. At this time of the year, the importance of having paper copies of bills and statements is emphasised.


 ·         28% of mobile phone contract-holders unknowingly exceeded their monthly tariff multiple times last year*

·         Consumers’ highest ‘surprise bill’ in the last year averaged £31 over their normal tariff

·         Three quarters (74%) of contract-holders do not know the price of calls once they exceed their monthly tariff limit

My Keep Me Posted Resolution

10th January 2014

My Keep Me Posted Resolution

A Happy New Year to everyone. I do hope you enjoyed the festivities, as I did, but it’s back to the campaign for me - and we’re hoping to make even more of a difference this year.

Like you, I’ve been making a few New Year resolutions. And like you, they may fall by the wayside before January is out! But one resolution that I will definitely be keeping is to work towards consumer choice for everyone when it comes to the important information we receive from our service providers, be they energy companies, banks or media suppliers.

Does this sound like you?

Lots of new supporters have been signing up to back the campaign in 2014. Here’s a small selection of what they’re telling us. Let us know if you’ve had similar experiences.

“I much prefer having a 'hard copy' in front of me that I can read at my own free will as and when I like. No one should be penalised financially or dictated to as to how they receive their bills, bank statements etc.” – Mark, from Suffolk

Spare a thought for those who can't order online this Christmas

18th December 2013

Spare a thought for those who can't order online this Christmas

Have you been doing lots of shopping online as an estimated three-quarters of the country appears to have been? If so, spare a thought for those who have a disability which presents them with extra problems.

AbilityNet, a charity which helps disabled people use digital technology, asked some of its testers with a range of conditions from blindness and low vision to learning difficulties to shop for Christmas dinner essentials online using websites and apps from the five top online food retailers.

Do berries and bushy tails mean turning up the heat?

13th December 2013

Do berries and bushy tails mean turning up the heat?

Are you one of those people who look at the number of berries on the holly to predict if we’ll have a cold winter? Or have you noticed squirrels have bushier tails and trees produce more pine cones, all of which are said to herald a harsh snap? No? Me neither.My Yorkshire tradition is just to close the curtains and pour a drink…

This year the Met Office has predicted a colder than average December, although they have been known to be wrong before.

Paying for the bills you have to pay is wrong, says Lord

6th December 2013

Paying for the bills you have to pay is wrong, says Lord

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I’ve had my feet firmly in England this week, after my recent tour of the Celtic nations. This week I had a very informative meeting with the Church of England itself! Details of the campaign are going out to all diocesan workers, so they have information to pass on when they are dealing with the vulnerable people they give comfort and help to every day.

Visiting parts of the Whoniverse

28th November 2013

Visiting parts of the Whoniverse

In company with millions across the world I watched the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who last Saturday, so I was pleased to be in Cardiff this week, where Doctor Who has made its home. There are quite a few TARDISes in the city but I got to stand by the “real” one (with the white window frames!) when I went to the BBC Cymru Wales HQ. The entrance is also guarded by some fierce looking – but colourful – Daleks.

Scotland starts the ball rolling

22nd November 2013