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  • South Lanarkshire Council has been awarded the Keep Me Posted campaign’s ‘Best Practice’ Mark of Distinction
  • South Lanarkshire Council has committed itself to protecting the right of its 311,000 local residents to receive paper bills regarding their council tax, water and sewage
  •  South Lanarkshire Council is the latest organisation to join the campaign this month – following Essex and Suffolk Water


South Lanarkshire Council has been awarded a ‘Mark of Distinction’ by the Keep Me Posted campaign. The Mark acts as a symbol to local residents that they will have the right to receive their council tax, water and sewage bills by post.


South Lanarkshire Council serves more than 311,000 local residents and it has been awarded a Mark of Distinction due to its commitment to providing all of its residents with paper bills for council tax water and sewage, without charge or penalty. The council joins a number of UK water, energy and financial services companies who currently back the campaign, including recent recipient Essex and Suffolk Water.

Judith Donovan CBE, Chair, of the Keep Me Posted campaign, said: “I’m delighted to award South Lanarkshire Council with the Keep Me Posted campaign’s ‘Best Practice’ Mark of Distinction. This will ensure that residents will be given a choice in how they receive their council tax, water and sewage bills.

“We are glad that South Lanarkshire has recognised that consumers who prefer not to manage their accounts online need protecting. Our campaign is dedicated to standing up for the rights of these consumers and so we are very pleased South Lanarkshire has made this commitment.”

A South Lanarkshire Council spokesman said: “Growing numbers of residents want to communicate with the council digitally, and we continue to develop channels to meet their needs. However, we acknowledge that many local people still depend on paper communications and we believe it is important that we meet their needs. We are delighted that our approach has been recognised by the Keep Me Posted campaign and are pleased to receive its Best Practice Mark of Distinction.”

South Lanarkshire Council joins the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Ulster Bank, Principality Building Society, Welsh Water, Yorkshire Water, Bristol Water, Wessex Water, OVO Energy, Thames Water, Dee Valley Water and Essex and Suffolk Water as one of the service providers publically recognised by the campaign as providing paper bills and statements to its customers:

  • Without imposing charges or other penalties*
  • Without removing paper or altering frequency unless there is prior agreement
  • Without taking away continued access to online