One short meeting - so many stories

30th May 2014

A Keep Me Posted colleague went along to a meeting this week to talk about the campaign and try to garner new supporters to join the 56 organisations and charities that have come on board so far.

Representatives from Shelter, the North Wales Energy Advice Centre, Leonard Cheshire and Citizens Advice – a wide range of ages and positions – were there. And guess what they had in common? All wanted to keep paper bills or had had problems with online only!

One person needed a large print bill, which she was having to pay for;  another had had to pay for duplicate bills as his online print outs weren’t acceptable when he was looking for a mortgage...

In just one short meeting, there were so many stories, which in one room encapsulated the diverse need for the campaign.

You may have seen a couple of stories in the media this week, most notably in the Daily Mail which mentioned just three service providers had adopted our pledge so far.

That figure may be “disappointing” as I said to the reporter - but I am feeling very positive that the campaign is being talked about in the corridors of power, that we are engaging with the right people, that we are winning over the likes of the people at that meeting. And it may only be a matter of time before consumers in the UK get the right to the choice they deserve.

Judith Donovan