Why we joined - Mind

23rd July 2013

Mental health charity Mind talk about why they had to join the campaign.

"Mental health problems affect around 1 in 4 people each year, and there is a recognised link between mental health problems and debt. If people are struggling to keep control of their money, they may find that they develop problems such as depression or anxiety. Likewise, if people find that they cannot cope with their feelings or behaviour, they may find that they get into financial difficulties. 


For many people with mental health problems having a physical record of their finances can make it easier to plan and make payments on time. That's why Mind is supporting the Keep Me Posted campaign. It isa powerful new way we can make sure that the needs of people are not lost in the race to digitise.


It is your right to choose how you are contacted by companies, and there shouldn't be a financial penalty for people who would prefer to receive paper copies of their bills and statements. There may be many reasons for this decision - having a paper copy of a bill can make it much easier to keep track of finances.


There has been a huge shift in the way lots of people consume information, but the research has shown that many people still prefer to receive paper copies through their front door. Mind fully supports the Keep Me Posted campaign and the principle that people should be able to choose the method that suits them best."