We've got an Early Day Motion!

17th October 2013

It’s certainly looking like Autumn out there – heavy winds and driving rain have been the order of the day everywhere I’ve travelled in the UK just lately.

It’s probably like that where you are too – so I really have to thank so many of you who have braved all weathers to get to the postbox to send in your messages of support. We have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response, which has shown us just how much this campaign for consumer choice is needed.

As part of that response I’m also hearing stories about why the campaign is important to people from all different walks of life – from the teenage businessman who was finding it difficult to manage his finances without paper, to a group of people who cannot use computers because of their sensitivity to light and for whom no amount of motivation or training to go online is going to help. There must be lots more of you with a story to share with us, so do get in touch.

Keep Me Posted has also been busy on the political front, and I spent a day at each of the main party conferences discussing the campaign with MPs and other interested groups, and also listening to and asking questions at debates ranging from broadband provision to debt and designing a digital Government. So many diverse themes, yet it’s fascinating how the move to paperless bills and statements feeds into each and every one of them, and touches so many aspects of daily life.

One major political success for us is that the Lib Deb MP Mike Crockart has tabled an Early Day Motion for us, supported by his fellow Lib Dem MP Sir Bob Russell, which means our cause may be debated in the Commons. If you want to spread the word further you can ask your own MP to sign up to it. I’m talking to other MPs and Lords too, so expect to hear more news soon.

I’m delighted with the momentum we have started to build, but there is still a very long way to go, and very many people to convince, before we can be assured of the consumer choice that is so very important.

Judith Donovan CBE, Chair of the Keep Me Posted campaign