Scotland starts the ball rolling

22nd November 2013
Judith Donovan
Judith Donovan

I’ve been back from Scotland only a few days, but things have already started happening as a result of my visit.

After our meeting last Thursday, Kenneth Gibson, the SNP member for Cunninghame North and co-convener for the cross-party group on Postal Issues, immediately lodged a Scottish Motion asking that the Parliament support the Keep Me Posted campaign. So far 16 other MSPs, including Jean Urquhart, who I also met, have signed up to it. Hopefully this will lead to a debate in the New Year. If you live in Scotland, please do let your local MSP know that you’d like them to sign up too.

I really appreciate that so many people took the time to learn more about our campaign, so a big thank you to them.

I also pre-recorded a slot for Real Radio which was broadcast during the Breakfast show on Friday morning – did you hear it? I think it’s safe to say many more people knew about the campaign when I left Scotland than when I flew in!

Next week I’m in Wales, so I’m hoping for a similar positive response to the campaign. I’m looking forward to being at the distinctive Senedd building for my meetings with several AMs and I do hope the weather’s fine as Cardiff Bay is such a lovely place to be in the sunshine. I might even sample some laverbread!

Judith Donovan, chair