Planning a DIY Easter? We've found another little job for you...

17th April 2014

The Easter Bank Holiday is looming, and I hope most of you will be able to take time off to relax. For many, thoughts will also be turning to DIY. Apparently it’s one of the busiest times to spruce up the house and tackle some of those annoying domestic jobs you never get round to.

Well, I have another DIY project for you – it will only take a few minutes, and believe me, it’s nothing like as difficult as putting together flat-pack furniture with all those fiddly diagrams.

When we first started Keep Me Posted last year, thousands of you sent in our postcard to sign up for the campaign. Some of our supporting organisations will be distributing a hard copy of a new postcard soon, but as it’s DIY season, why not make your own!

The new postcard will be going to Ofgem, the regulator who looks after energy companies. We are asking them to insist that these companies ensure the consumer has the choice of a paper bill or statement if that’s what they want, free of charge.

What you can do (if you have a printer) is print off the attached postcard. Then – and here’s the DIY bit – fold it in half, seal its edges (you can use glue or sellotape, I’m not as prescriptive as some DIY instruction booklets!) and pop it in the postbox. If you don’t have a printer, you can write a letter using the postcard as a template, but I’m afraid you’ll need a stamp.

I hope that when the Chief Executive Officer of Ofgem returns from the bank holiday weekend he’ll find a bulging postbag from all our supporters calling on him to do the right thing. And you can be satisfied that it’ll be the best bit of DIY you do this year!

Hope you all enjoy the Easter break.

Judith Donovan