My trip to Belfast

8th November 2013

Though the Keep Me Posted campaign is UK wide, I admit it may have seemed a little London focused up to now, with debates in the House of Lords, and motions tabled in Westminster.

Well that’s all about to change as this month I’m going to be spreading the word in the other UK nations, with visits to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all planned in the coming weeks. I’ll be meeting some key politicians in Stormont, Holyrood and Cardiff Bay, as well as potential supporters who, like us, believe in championing consumer rights.   

My first stop was Belfast yesterday.  I had a full day of appointments all around the city and saw some excellent sights – including the elegant City Hall which I passed quite a lot. I also travelled to Stormont to meet some MLAs who I’m hoping may raise the campaign in the Assembly, in the same way as they’ve been heard in Westminster. I’d never been to Stormont before but I must say it looks magnificent.

I also met some of the groups who represent pensioners across Northern Ireland. A group of them including Age NI, the NFOP in Northern Ireland and Age Sector Platform NI, came together for a session on Keep Me Posted. They were a lively bunch, who were very passionate about consumer rights, so we had a good discussion. I would say the meeting was very productive and I was very glad to met them.

I’ll be in Scotland next week and in Wales towards the end of the month, so if you’re a utility in those areas, let the campaign know and we’ll try and fix a meeting.

See you in Edinburgh!