Going on holiday? Send someone a postcard

23rd July 2014

By the time you read this the House of Commons will have gone into recess and the House of Lords will be preparing for its own summer break from next Wednesday. So I thought it was worth taking time to reflect on our successes in Parliament so far.

From a standing start after we launched last July, I’ve travelled across the UK recruiting not just MPs and the Lords and Ladies, but the legislators in the devolved parliaments - MLAs in Northern Ireland, AMs in Wales and MSPs in Scotland.

And the campaign has had a brilliant response. More than 100 MPs signed an Early Day Motion supporting our cause, there have been mentions of Keep Me Posted in debates both in the House of Lords and House of Commons and support for our proposed amendments in the new Consumer Bill. And in the devolved nations Scotland had a motion supporting us while Welsh AMs published a statement of opinion declaring how worthwhile the campaign is.

We’ve held some events too, accompanied by our giant postcard which we carried around to gather signatures for the cause. A host of MPs and House of Lords members joined us to celebrate our first year and sign the postcard to pledge their support and more than 30 MPs popped in for a separate session earlier in the year to do the same. Our postcards are now hanging proudly on the wall of KMP HQ.

But as well as this support from on high, we’ve been thrilled by the number of ordinary people who have come on board. One lady in the Rhondda was so fired up that she took her own petition supporting Keep Me Posted around, gathering more than 100 signatures. Thousands sent in our launch postcards supporting our premise that “it is every consumer’s right to choose, without disadvantage, how they are contacted by banks, utility companies and other service providers”. And others sent cards in to the energy regulator, Ofgem, calling on them to intervene and ensure suppliers offer the choice of paper with no penalty.

So while your MP/AM/MLA or MSP is on their summer break, why not send them a postcard of your own – it’s traditional at this time of year after all! – letting them know why you’re supporting the campaign. People power can promote all kinds of change – let’s hope the year ahead brings more of the same, resulting in greater consumer choice for all of us…

Judith Donovan