Lots of new supporters have been signing up to back the campaign in 2014. Here’s a small selection of what they’re telling us. Let us know if you’ve had similar experiences.

“I much prefer having a 'hard copy' in front of me that I can read at my own free will as and when I like. No one should be penalised financially or dictated to as to how they receive their bills, bank statements etc.” – Mark, from Suffolk

“My husband and myself felt extremely pressurised by the bank to accept only online statements. We have opted out of this, but from time to time, the subject is still mentioned. Why can't (they) take "No" for a definite answer?” – Linda, from Cheshire

“We are in our 70s and … neither of us do online banking. We do not want paperless billing. It is outrageous that (our phone company) now intends to charge us £1.50 per paper statement.” – Madeleine, from Yorkshire